Residential Real Estate in Tustin
Photo Credit: Nata-Lia/

Tustin, California offers a variety of residential real estate to fit your family’s needs. Known as the “city of the trees”, Tustin was founded in the 1800s and although it is completely urbanized now, you can still find traces of its rich history, like three of the white-barked sycamore trees that originally marked the border of the city.

Today, Tustin has a population of about 80,000 with about half being represented by 18-55 year olds. About 50% of the population is white and 40% Latino. There’s an average of 3 people per household and the city medium income is close to the country’s average at just around 75,000. The city of Tustin maintains a strong family community as more and more families establish themselves in Tustin.

Tustin is located in the heart of Orange County, making it the perfect place to live, work, and play. Tustin is close to multiple interstates and freeways, John Wayne airport, and attractions such as the Honda Center, Angel’s Stadium, Disneyland, and of course, the Pacific coast.

The Parks and Recreation Department of Tustin contributes to the enrichment of lives in the community of residents through their mission statement which states they will do so by: “Being the catalyst for the community to create its own, unique sense of place and enjoyment. Providing pro-active alternatives to behavior that the community deems unacceptable. Contributing to the economic vitality of the community.” They say, “We will accomplish this mission by providing and facilitating recreation, cultural/fine arts and human service programs that are responsive to residents’ needs and are integrated with programs and facilities of other agencies. We will involve the public in the design and delivery of parks and recreation programs, policies and procedures, keeping the public well-informed of available services.”

The city of Tustin is a beautiful, thriving place to live with residential real estate on the market, this may be the city for you to look into buying.

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