Tips for Moving Into a New Home in Tustin

Tips for Moving Into a New Home in Tustin
Tips for Moving Into a New Home in Tustin
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Moving into a new home in Tustin is exciting and it is an event that you have been looking forward to for a long time. While moving into a new home in Tustin may appear to be as easy as unpacking all of the moving boxes and placing all of the furniture in the correct spot, there are other actions that should be taken. The following tips will help you to complete your move successfully and to get the most enjoyment from your new home. These tips have been useful to new homeowners during my years as a mortgage broker.

1. Moving into a new home in Tustin will be a more enjoyable experience if you pest-proof your new home and the yard or the area where a yard will be planted. Moving into a new home can expose many pests that you don’t want. Pets can be protected by spraying the yard for fleas and ticks.

2. Deep clean the new home. Cabinets should be wiped out and floors thoroughly cleaned. Clean the bathrooms and especially the sinks and toilets. Moving into a new home in Tustin does not mean that you will find the home completely clean.

3. Install the window treatments that not only provide privacy but also prevent the sun from over-heating any room. Consider adding the window screens that will allow you to see outside but that will block the sun by as much as 80 percent.

4. Change the locks. You cannot be sure that keys to your home have been duplicated and are in the hands of people you would not give keys to.

5. Label the circuit breakers in the Breaker Box with the area of the home that each breaker controls.

6. Learn where the water shut-off valves are at. Hang a tag from each shut-off that identifies the water line it controls. Locate the shut-off for the whole house water supply, and this shut-off could be located near the water meter.

7. Install Carbon Monoxide detectors including installing one just outside the master bedroom. Also install smoke alarms if these are not already installed or these are not installed near the children’s bedrooms or the master bedroom.

8. Check the home for plumbing leaks. Also check the appliance vent systems to be sure that these are installed properly.

9. Locate the nearest emergency room or urgent care center. Have this information available before it is needed.

10. Moving into a new home in Tustin provides you with the opportunity to greet your new neighbors. It is a good idea to introduce yourselves to the neighbors, because they will be interested in knowing you. Neighbors can be very helpful in times of trouble and illness. It is comforting to know that you have neighbors you can count on. You might consider inviting your new neighbors to a “meet and greet” event.

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